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Genie Backup Manager Professional

Genie Backup Manager Professional

Обновилась программа для резервного копирования данных с очень широкими возможностями. Основные возможности: гибко настраиваемый планировщик заданий, архивирование открытых файлов, создание архивов, зашифрованных по криптостойкому алгоритму, создание самоизвлекающихся архивов и многое другое. Например, в Genie Backup Manager предусмотрено очень удобное и простое архивирование всех настроек системы, включая системный реестра, а также данных из установленных в системе коммуникационных программ - Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, файлы плейлистов и т.п.

What's New in Genie Backup Manager Pro 8.0:
- Disaster Recovery. GBM can recover your system from malicious spyware, virus attacks, system failure, or deletion with the enhanced PE technology that also supports Vista and you can perform your Disaster Recovery backups online
- Free Open File Backup Option. GBM currently added Microsoft's latest Volume Shadow-Copy Service (VSS) framework, to permit consistent backup of open files without the need for additional applications or plug-ins.
- Enhanced Online Backup Integration. Now it is easier to view, manage and delete your online backup storage. Added Bandwidth Throttling to control how much GBM takes from internet connection. Also improved connectivity that auto resumes when connection returns.
- Improved Scheduling Capabilities. Now it is easier to protect and rotate backups with the intuitive easy to use scheduling interface that is integrated in the backup wizard with two modes; Basic Schedule and Advanced Schedule
- REV Support. Now with the new Iomega REV support, users can automatically erase, enable/disable write and password protection before and after backup.
- Enhanced Graphical User Interface. Now more organized with clear options making GBM’s interface better than ever
- Enhanced Filtering Options. Added support of Date and file size filtering and newly added in scripting
- Control Power Options and Backup Speed. You can control backup speed before or during backup and enable/disable power options or change them during backup.
- Pause/Snooze Backups. You can pause currently pause backups and postpone scheduled backups to start later via snoozing
- New Compression Engine. The new zip engine is more resource friendly making backups faster and with better compressing capabilities
- Improved Connectivity. GBM now detects when backup destination is accessible and also reports disconnected network drives being backed up


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